About Us

The Refuge is a land-based community, organic farm and healing sanctuary in the Tuolumne River watershed (Jamestown, CA).

Our space is a living classroom devoted to the practices of amplifying love, regenerative land stewardship, food as medicine, embodied creativity, decolonization, zero-waste living, sacred commerce, synarchic organization, voluntary simplicity, seed saving, and conscious communication. Our actions are guided by the underlying principle of living in right-relationship with Earth and the Divine.

We proactively organize to navigate and address the climate catastrophe caused by the industrial growth society. We also serve as a bridge between urban communities of the Bay Area and rural communities within the foothills of the Sierras.

We invite you to share in our life and practice at the Refuge.





Transforming dynamics of power and privilege, and relinquishing unjust ideologies such as control, supremacy, ownership, and separation, in order to return to mutual belonging with the earth and all beings.

Land Justice

Reclaiming right relationship with the Earth in the creation of healing-centered agricultural systems, utilizing indigenous and holistic technologies to facilitate spiritual and economic revitalization within our communities.

Emergent Strategy

A framework for personal, organizational and systemic transformation based in the organic resilience of the natural world, approaching complex systems as an integration of their component parts.


Models of Living

Creating opportunity for people to leave behind scarcity mentalities and re-learn through direct lived experience that abundance is inherent in nature. Regenerative farming and appropriate technology

Intersectional Knowledge & Wisdom development

Creating safe and sacred spaces to support the exchange of knowledge and wisdom between generations and across sectors.

Sacred Commerce

An organization that is earth-honoring, justice-focused, and practices personal & systemic transformation in the realm of social enterprise through non-violent communication