The Land

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Land Acknowledgment

As a community holding a vision for peace, abundance, and regenerative life-ways for all beings, we are called to the work of repairing the harms of colonialism, racism, patriarchy, and all other destructive ways of relating to one another and Earth. We are not a community of preachers on this topic, but a community of learners: showing up with eagerness and humility to offer our lives as a prayer for peace and beloved community. 

In that spirit, we recognize that we are currently living  as settlers on occupied Sierra Mi-wuk land -- land which the indigenous people were forced off of, after  stewarding this place for thousands of years. This process of displacement began with the Spanish in the early 1800s, and continued during the Gold Rush of the 19th and 20th century. We acknowledge that in order to be a true sanctuary for healing, we must bear witness to this history, and commit ourselves as allies for the healing of these lands. This asks us to draw upon an imagination that goes beyond  extractive capitalism. 

While sitting with the pain of this land’s hxstory, we hold a vision for a future where all migration is honored and peaceful in nature. We recognize that the human family has always been a migratory family, and that we are all fundamentally migrants seeking our way back into rooted, healthy family and lifeways. It’s our prayer that migration is not only decriminalized, but celebrated as a natural component of our collective journey Home.

We give infinite thanks to the ancestors of this land and to all of the spirits of this place for allowing us to be here, and to gather with the intention of bringing greater love, health, vitality, and connection back into our bodies, hearts, and into this land.


Practices & Principles
for Land Regeneration


Natural Farming

No Till
Fermentation//Gut health
Nutrient cycling (compost, chickens, manure relations, cover cropping, chop and drop)


Spiritual Farming

Seed Saving
Lunar and Seasonal Rhythms
Days of Rest
Ancestral Land Connections (universal indigeneity)

IMG_1886 2.jpg


In addition to the Casita, We have a number of beautiful locations on our grounds ideal for gatherings of all shapes and sizes.

View the available property features of The Refuge below:


The Temple

The ideal space for yoga, workshops, ceremony, intimate concerts and more…

600 Sq. Ft. | 24x24” | 50 seated | Yoga 12+

Camping Space + Outdoor kitchen

A fantastic space for group and/or individual camping, outdoor events and ceremony grounds. Comes with a fully equipped outdoor kitchen*, compost toilet, fire circle and plenty of shaded land for lounging and camping.

*equipped with propane stove, sink, coffee maker and kitchen wear to accommodate 40 people

the amphitheater

The perfect venue for outdoor concerts, workshops and more. The land is tiered for seating amongst poppies, sunflowers and natural landscape. The stage accommodates a full band, lights, speakers and projector screen/backdrop.

Seats up to 150 people

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