Current Residents


Zion Davidson

I am a storyteller, chef, farmer, and healer in service to the rise of Beloved Community. I am grateful for my family, teachers, ancestors, guides, friends, and countless non-human relatives who support me as I deepen on my journey as a human seeking to embody wisdom and compassion. The main focus of my work is with food as a technology to heal the body, community, and Earth. Iā€™m here to plant and nourish seeds for racial and economic equality, large-scale resource re-distribution, embodied Earth-based spiritual practice, prison abolition decolonizing wealth, peak gut-brain health, the decomposition of whiteness and the U.S Empire, and ecstatic participation in the limitless beauty and goodness of the Divine. I work as a small farmer and hearth-keeper in occupied Sierra Miwok territory (Jamestown, CA) at The Refuge. I work with the "Loaves and Fishes Pantry," a plant-based culinary service which raises awareness and finances for people and projects that are working for a peaceful, transparent, abundant and life-sustaining planet.


Liyanna Bea Sadowsky

Liyanna Sadowsky is one in a line of seed keepers, womb whisperers, and weavers of sacred story. Alongside many, she stewards future generations of seed, human, and more-than-human beings, in service to the thriving of all. Soil-tending and storytelling through music, art, cuisine, ritual and embodied practice, Liyanna seeks to widen the joyful remembrance of earth-honoring lifeways and support the return of all people into relationship withe land. As a student of the seeds and of the natural rhythms of the womb, she serves her community with a love and responsibility for the fertility, safety, and intimate knowing of our bodies and the land that holds us. In acknowledgement of the interconnectedness of all fertile spaces, Liyanna devotes her work to the liberation of all bodies--human, water, and seed bodies--from the violence and control of the current agricultural and social systems. In her work with The Refuge, and beyond, Liyanna supports the restoration of right relationship among all beings, by supporting others in aligning their lives and creative potential withe rhythms and desires of the moon and land, womb and body.


Jakob Jaggy

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Ayreanna Amor de la Paz

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Oni Moschetti:

Oni is full of love, enthusiasm and determination, particularly for the health and wellbeing of herself, her fellow humans, and the earth. She is a gifted, inspired instructor and counselor with expertise in numerous traditional and non-traditional modalities of the healing arts.

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Shira Harris:

Shira is a nomad whose feet seek flight while heart yearns for home. She is a global citizen who knows the whole world is home. Shira loves to be in service to others and the earth. Her passion is connecting with people to heighten our shared humanity and has taken the form of teaching, nourishing by food, civil rights lawyering and youth mentorship.